Columbus Language Studio is a cosy place where you can learn English and Spanish with a team of great profesionals, totally in love with their job.
Columbus Language Studio is a language studio, the main focus of which is teaching English, German and Spanish. The idea of creating a studio appeared long time ago and confidently floated towards its realization. Here we are in love with teaching, creativity, laughter, positivity, productive work, communication, coffee, and of course - languages. Here, quality and result are priorities, and the belief in their implementation is the guiding star. Set off to your language voyage with us! We are sure the trip will be informative and interesting!
Meet our team
The most creative and dedicated people work every day to provide the best service and make you happy in our studio!
Tetyana Kyrychenko
Founder & Senior Teacher; English and Spanish teacher
Education and qualifications: Donetsk National University, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Philologist of English and Spanish Languages. Diplomas: Centro Picasso, Tallinn, Nivel C1;DELE Nivel C2; Certificado de Curso de acreditación de examinadores DELE : niveles A1-C2; TKT Module 2; TKT Module 3; CAE Council of Europe Level C1; IELTS band 8, CPE Council of Europe Level C2.
Teaching always brings me joy and helps to never cease developing. This is a fantastic occupation which allows to meet and educate great people, it gives me huge chance to realize my creativity, making the usual process of learning bright, productive and fun. I am totally in love with the job I am doing.
A bit about me: There are a lot of things that inspire me, but perhaps I will name the top 3: people, music, dancing.
Music helps to relax after a hard day or to get some energy, dancing is activity for my soul, it always charges me with positivity and huge wish to move forward. People are the greatest value. After talking to a person you can feel a huge range of emotions, you can be motivated, be inspired, share sincere smile, genuinely laugh, find answers to all of your questions and feel great support)))
Natalie Sereda
English and German Teacher
Education and qualifications: Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University; German language and literature and translation. German course in IFA-Akademie and Inlingua in Stuttgart, C1 level
Teaching always makes you develop yourself, think extraordinary and lets me combine two very important things: I can meet interesting new people and share my knowledge with them.
A bit about me: I like collecting different things, for instance, I have a big collection of sugar packets not only from different places in Ukraine, but also from cafes from many other countries. I am also planning to start a cactus collection :D
Uliana Chubata
English Teacher
Education and qualifications: Slovyansk State Pedagogical University.Teacher of the English Language and Foreign Literature .Extra courses - Couching (personal efficiency in the work with clients);public speaking
Teaching is the most developing thing for me, as just through live communication I can get real experience and emotions, can teach, learn, develop and grow.
A bit about me: I am definitely addicted to emotions ,can't live in calm conditions."Groundhog day "is not for me.I've got my motto "Polite words open iron gates " and it always helps me to achieve my goals:)
Irene Krutous
English and French Teacher
Education: English and French linguistics, Borys Hrinchenko Kyiv University; Certificate: DELF B1.
Teaching for me is a feeling of being absolutely in love. Cause that's the only way to describe what I feel towards teaching. This is not only my vocation, but also my hobby.
A bit about me: sooo, except being a book worm, I love watching TV shows like Sherlock, The Simpsons, Supernatural and a bunch of others.
Margarita Avilova
English Teacher
Education and qualifications: National Aviation University, English and German philology and translation.
Teaching is the opportunity to share and obtain knowledge and experience. It brings me great satisfaction to know that someone has learnt something from me. I had the best teachers back in the day so that's why I'm inspired to be the best for my students as well.
A bit about me: I want to know everything, it's always not enough. I love finding out the new whether it's a scientific or archeological discovery, just a new dance move or a hidden cosy coffee shop. Sometimes dancing helps me open portals to other universes so I do love dancing. And in general, I love this planet so much, it's fascinating how many incredible things we have in this world.
Antonina Vdovychenko
The best Administrator ever
Education and qualifications: Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute; Business Law.
A bit about me: Obsessed with organizing, planning and controlling - that's why I have not been working in my specialty for seven years already. I love direct and sincere people with great sense of humor, communication with whom makes my life complete. I love devoting my free time to my family, reading, attending seminars, lectures, workshops and different concerts.

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