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Course duration
One level group course consists of two semesters and includes 60 lessons which last 90 minutes each. Classes are held twice a week at 19:00. There is a possibility of having different time for groups as well.
Being engaged individually, the duration depends on the intensity of the classes, persistance and abilities of a student.

Missing classes
Missing a group lesson is not compensated. There is a possibility to freeze lessons (4 lessons per semester in a row) or compensate (2 missed-in-a row group lessons are compensated by 1 individual class) missed ones.
Skipping or changing the time of a lesson
The cancelation or changing the time of a lesson is possible no later than 2 hours before its beginning. Otherwise, the payment is not compensated, because teachers receives a salary for their preparation and time spent in the office.
From our side, we also guarantee cancelations, replacements or changing the time of classes in advance. If a teacher cancels a lesson in less than two hours, you will receive the next lesson for free.
Payment for classes
Cash or non-cash payment types are possible.
Individual lessons are paid 4 lessons in advance and have to be held within three weeks. Otherwise, the unused payment will "burn out".
Group lessons are paid for 8 lessons in advance.
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